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A Role of a Mental Health Care Worker

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A Mental Health care worker operates under many different job titles, these could be “Counsellor”. “Clinician”, “Therapist” and many more titles.

What may consist of a Mental Health worker’s responsibility?

  • Provide Patient Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Development Plans
  • Monitoring physical mental health for patients and service users
  • Going out on visits to patients
  • Leading therapy sessions
  • Keeping records

What is the role of a Mental Health Support Worker?

A Few Examples of a mental health support worker can include support people with mental health experiences such as Bipolar Disorder, BPD, Addiction, Schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders. Mental Health conditions are sometimes complex to diagnose as we know everyone is different and conditions can affect in many serious ways a person’s day to day life.

Key Responsibilities being a Mental Health Support Worker

Mental health support workers work alongside individuals with mental illnesses in order to help them cope more and more easily with their daily lives and activities in addition to providing them with vital support in order for them to help achieve their goals. Often it is important for a mental health support worker to take on a diversity of roles when working with an individual patient, there are times acting as a carer whilst other times offering emotional support and being there as a friend if it is required. Mental Health support workers usually are part of a diverse nursing team working under the supervision of a Registered nurse (RGN)

Typically, a Mental Health worker’s duty will include the provision of therapy or assisting in the basic care to patients that have developmental disabilities or any form of mental illnesses. For example, a mental health support worker can help the individual prepare cooked meals or support them with their essential daily activities like getting ready or if needed administration of any medication. Here at Secure Healthcare Solutions, we offer all training needed for you to progress in your care career if this is something that you want to get into.

Skills that a Mental health Support Worker Requires:

Being a Mental Health support worker isn’t the easiest job although it is particularly a rewarding job, if you are the type of individual that is keen to help make difference in people’s lives then it is for you if you take great pride in being a witness first hand to the impact of an individual with any mental health illness. Typically, a mental health support worker requires certain traits such as being able to remain patient with people when dealing with trying circumstances or emotional behavior. You must also be able to be accepting of other people’s lifestyles and understand how that individual’s mental health issues have a massive impact on their lives. The most important skill is that a mental health support worker is to remain calm in a stressful situation and be flexible enough to be dealing with a range of different behaviors that may present certain challenges.

Mental Health care worker

How Does Someone get an assigned Mental Health Support Worker?

If you or a loved one suffer and have been impacted by a mental illness causing a struggle to cope with your everyday life, then you need to do the following:
Contact your Local authority (LA) or someone who is in charge of providing public services. Your LA is responsible for ensuring that individuals with eligible needs get the care and support needed. These are often determined by an assessment being done which will come to a conclusion whether or not a person is entitled to the support in the form of a support worker or social care.

An assessment will take place, they take into consideration your living situation and whether or not your wellbeing is being affected by your mental illness.

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