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Staffing for Nursing and Care Homes

Are you looking for nursing or care home staff?


Our staffing solutions for nursing and care homes can vary from small residential care homes, large nursing homes, small independent care homes to large groups such as BUPA. These sectors can also include community, supported living, mental health units, complex care services, prisons, private hospitals as well as the NHS and their community hospitals and GP surgeries. We cover the whole of the Midlands, including Shropshire, Cheshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire for all nursing, healthcare assistant and support worker needs; even providing ancillary staff such as chefs and cleaners when needed.

Our specialist nursing works mainly within the NHS, however we do have private hospitals that we can work with too. We provide nurses who work in specialist sectors, including ITU/HDU wards, AMU, children’s wards, emergency departments, A&E, critical care, general wards, oncology, endocrinology and gynaecology. Our staff are all vetted and come with the highest standards of training and clinical supervision. You can rely on our staff to be punctual and reliable, as all are expected to arrive for shift in time for a handover 15 mins prior to starting.

We know that every organisation is different and our goal is always to provide support in a way that you find most convenient. Whether you require a phone call from us on the day that your off-duty rota is published, we can schedule that in for you, or whether you prefer to make advance bookings or have last minute requirements, we will tailor our service to suit you. 

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Are you an individual, or do you have a family member in need of home care? Or are you an organisation seeking healthcare staffing solutions? Perhaps you are looking for your next healthcare career step? Secure Healthcare Solutions can help. We provide the highest quality of healthcare across England and are proud to have done so since 2015.

Care work can be a sensitive task, which is why our company is only built up of the most dynamic individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in healthcare. You can trust that your loved ones will be in safe hands with us, as we offer a full “out of hours” on call service and are always there to support you in your hour of need.

If you are an organisation that needs a temporary or permanent solution in the healthcare sector, our good old fashioned values and a knowledge of modern technology will ensure patient care is delivered to maximum effect. Our mission is to deliver the very best service to our ageing population and those with disabilities while reducing the cost of care and simultaneously increasing the pay to our committed staff members.

We pride ourselves on providing over and above the basic training for our entire workforce to ensure a consistently high service for our clients and service users. Our staff training programme is always active and up to date with the latest regulations.


“They are always on hand to listen and work with the home to best suit our service users.”

Gina, Care Centre Manager