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Secure Healthcare Solutions offers a variety amount of support in our Domiciliary Care Department. These calls vary from single care calls to double care calls. Secure Healthcare Solutions provides a service of care to Adults and Children with a variety of needs.

Some our Domiciliary services we provide are supporting children in the process of going to school. Our carers provide a service where they start getting the users ready for their journeys and provide a transport for them to go to their school.

Our Domiciliary carer services also provide a community service where Secure Healthcare Solutions help children with conditions where they don’t have much confidence of going out in the community, this is where we come in, we would provide the right amount of care and progress to get them back out so they can enjoy their lives like their peers.

The advantages of Domiciliary care:

– Allows your loved ones to retain their independence
– Stability
– Flexible
– Affordable
– One-on-one care
– Sharing your personal space
Domiciliary Care Services
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Why join our Domiciliary care department:
We have rewarding Community care jobs available. We have packages in:
– Cannock
– Walsall
– Wolverhampton
– Dudley

Working with Secure Healthcare Solutions you will be providing a service of care to elderly clients who would require personal care and assistance with the administration of their medication. Secure Healthcare Solutions also has clients with who have Dementia, where they would provide care for a few hours of the day whilst family are away to come in and support with their day-to-day activities such as preparing their foods and making sure they are okay in the environment they are in.

Rehabilitation support is also a service of care our Domiciliary care department provide. This is to support our service users with the right amount of care to help our service users get back, keep, or to improve abilities that you need for day-to-day life activities.

According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 50% of people do not receive the rehabilitation services they require. Rehabilitation services amongst the health services most severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We also provide a service of care called Respite Care. Respite care provides a short-term relief for care givers. It can be arranged for just an afternoon for a few days or even a few weeks. Our Domiciliary care team find the right carers for a few hours of the day to provide a in home service for your loved ones.

Secure Healthcare Solution’s Domiciliary care department also provide a Domestic service where our team community carers will come out and help preparation of the house such as cleaning and preparation of any food. This is mainly for our elderly patients who require the support. Here at Secure Healthcare Solutions, we ask that we let our family take care of yours. To Join our team, click on the link below for many more positions we have or request a call back from our team: CLICK HERE

Nurses in the UK are at risk of losing their jobs for not having the vaccine unless they are medically exempt. Nurse Jobs are at risk and will affect the NHS and other private hospitality sectors will have a staff shortage. These are our frontline workers that risk their lives every day to provide a service of care.

  • People who should not receive the vaccine:
  • Pregnant Women
  • Children Under 16 (Moderna)
  • Children under 18 (AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine and Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine)
  • History of an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to ingredients in the vaccine, if you are unsure about this, before being vaccinated please ask a member of staff

Following the guidelines of Public Health England, all Nurses are required to have their vaccination by April 1st, 2022.

Nurses working in a care home or a home setting sector will require to show proof of the Covid-19 vaccine to employers to be able to enter the care home or service user’s house. The government has made it mandatory for Carers and Nurses to take both doses of the vaccine if they would want to proceed with their career in the Healthcare Sector.

Nurse Jobs

According to Communitycare.co.uk, there will be a loss of 38,000 workers at an approximate recruitment cost to providers of £94m. Surveys from over 100 members in November 2021 found out that 23% have anticipated losing a quarter or more of their workforce and many more to lose in the future.

The Care Quality Commission have said that the high rising of the vaccines and falling numbers or the jobs that are filled shows that employers were finding it extremely difficult to find the right people to fill roles for vulnerable service users who need the support to go on with their day-to-day activities

Approximately 27 million people have received both doses of the vaccine to provide the maximum protection for themselves. Secure Healthcare Solutions highly recommends individuals in the healthcare sector especially those who are Nurses to be vaccinated to help protect against the threat of the new variant.

Click the link below to find Walk-in Vaccination Centres near you:

Find a walk-in coronavirus covid-19 vaccination site

What Secure Healthcare Solutions has to offer:

Here at Secure Healthcare Solutions, we have vacancies for Nurses jobs across the West Midlands and East Midlands area, in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Tipton, Dudley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, and Shropshire Area.

Nurse Jobs are available in Wolverhampton, Stoke, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, and many more. If you are interested or know anyone who is interested, please follow our website

or call 0121 285 94499 to talk to one of our recruitment consultants for a thorough breakdown of what we have available, our consultants will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Complex care in home care environment: Mary’s success story

Check out our short video to discover how our healthcare team have supported Mary, our ever-smiling wonderful woman in a home care environment, around her loved ones.

If yourself or your loved ones are seeking extra care and support, flexible around individual’s needs, then check out our home care services by clicking here

At Secure Healthcare, we are an ever-growing company that provides care and staff built on people. We strive to provide the best quality care and support to individuals across the Midlands and Staffordshire. Every member of our team is a valuable part in our journey to ensure that we achieve this together. We are committed to doing everything we can to help you realise your potential.

The identifying potential is the heart of everything we do. We believe that healthcare workers have the potential to achieve. At Secure you are in the right place, by providing the right support, training and development and career planning, there is potential to progress your career with us.

Within the company, if you are invested and committed, the support is there to make you progress your career with us.

Here at Secure, alongside telling individuals that we value them. We work closely with our staff to ensure they have a clear progression path, with a personalised learning plan to allow our staff achieve their next goal and these plans are constantly updated.

How does Secure Healthcare Solutions support work/life balance?
Our healthcare staff at Secure love their work, and we understand that everyone have their own lives too, Everyone, has their own commitments, such as children care, interests and hobbies and challenges occurring in society. Secure healthcare supports a flexible way to make this happen to create a work life balance. We want individuals to feel comfortable and happy in their personal life and at work.

Staff progression within the company
Here at Secure, over 70% of staff have been promoted internally, we are always providing opportunities with the company. There are always opportunities to get to your next step, whether it is a healthcare role or a role within the office, we are here to support you all the way.

How does Secure reward Staff?
Here at Secure healthcare, we offer competitive salaries to all our staff and pick up a lot of extra shifts to increase annual earnings. We offer flexible working hours to our staff to allow them have a good work life balance, so they can do the things they enjoy. We also have referral schemes, for healthcare staff referred, this allows you to increase your annual earnings.

Training opportunities at Secure Healthcare Solutions
Here at Secure, we heavily invest in training for our staff. We have a clinical team that provides healthcare training and soft skill development to ensure that you are up to date with training, to ensure quality care and support is provided. For example, you may start your journey as a domiciliary carer which requires no care experience, you would just need to be passionate about providing care and progress your career to become a complex carer through training and qualifications that we are able to provided you.
Work at Secure Healthcare
We are a nursing agency in Wolverhampton and we have many healthcare jobs across the Midlands and Staffordshire, offering flexible shifts to suit your availability and we offer high rates of pay. If you are seeking to secure a role within the healthcare industry, then check out our domiciliary roles, HCA, Complex carers and nurse roles local to you within the West Midlands and Staffordshire, using our job search tool or contact us on 0121 285 9449 to find out more. Pick up as many shifts as you want and choose shifts around your availability.

Complex care in home care environment: Ron’s success story

Check out our short video to discover how our healthcare team have supported Ron, our passionate portrait artist in a home care environment, around her loved ones.

If yourself or your loved ones are seeking extra care and support, flexible around individual’s needs, then check out our home care services by clicking here

Here at Secure healthcare, we understand that spinal cord injuries are continuing to rise over the last 10 years, and there is a growing challenge to look after these individuals to ensure that they live a quality life. It has become one of the most important health and care issues faced in the UK.

Spinal cord injuries
are generally caused by direct trauma, for example, it may be by falling down the stairs, a small fall, sporting injury, or car accident.

In the UK, the number of people being diagnosed with spinal cord injuries continues to increase, there are around 2500 people injured or diagnosed each year with a spinal cord injury.

The total number of people living with a spinal cord injury in the UK is 50,000.

A spinal cord injury is likely to be progressive over time, initially, you will get mild symptoms, however over time.

Everybody with a spinal cord injury will experience slightly different symptoms, depending on the area of the spine that has been injured and other related injuries. The force from these accidents to the spine causes the bone to break and affects the spinal cord. Injuries can also cause swelling from spinal fractures. With an older person, the force required to cause these injuries is likely to be much less, as the thinning of bones makes them more brittle which causes the bones to break more easily.

Some of the common symptoms include:
– Numbness below the level of the injury
– Muscle weakness below the level of the injury
– Loss of bowel and bladder control
– Loss of feeling in the chest, arm, or legs
– Breathing problems
– Loss of movement and finding it difficult to move around the house, without experiencing pain

We understand that looking after a loved one with a spinal cord injury, can be difficult, alongside other commitments, we know that family and friends want to remain close to their loved ones, which is why we provide spinal injury care within a home care setting. Whether you require personal home care for your loved ones for a few hours or for large periods of time, we are here to provide care and support. Our case managers work closely without the healthcare team to devise care plans to accommodate individual client needs. We provide mental support, care, and nutrition support and we are here to help.

Spinal Cord Injury Care
In summary how we can help

– Ensuring your loved ones stay safe at home in their own family surroundings
– Support in building confidence and encouraging individuals to try everyday tasks
– Support with meal preparation and ensuring individuals is eating a nutritious diet to encourage a healthy diet
– Regularly engage and stimulate with individuals by doing activities to encourage brain activity
– Supporting families of service users to reassure them that they are in the best possible hands
– Creating and managing bespoke plans tailored to individual needs. Whether you require us to visit many times a day, or a live-in carer to be there all the time, we are here to help.
– A dedicated care manager, who will be the point of contact for any queries or concerns that you may have.
– Dedicated specialist team, with professional training ad experience
– 24hr on-call support
– Monitoring and managing care plans to ensure the best quality care is provided.

If you or your loved ones required spinal injury care and support within a home care environment, contact us on 01902 302017 or click here to find out more about spinal injury care.

We all understand that being a registered general nurse is a job that can be very demanding at times, by doing long hours, changing shift patterns and dealing with endless number of patients with different needs. Achieving the ideal work-life balance is something that we all strive to achieved, particularly when you are in a profession that involves putting the needs of other before your own.

Research carried out by the health and safety executive indicates that 9 in 10 registered general nurses in the healthcare sector admit feeling more stressed and anxious. This is why it is important to put in place ways that will help you maintain a steady work-life balance. There are various different ways to accomplish a positive work-life balance. Below are a few helpful tips to inspire you and encourage you to achieve a better work-life balance.

When you have had a busy day on the ward, it is important that you exercise to improve your mental and physical well-being. Exercise allows you to release any built-up stress and allows you to focus on something aside from work. This allows you to detach yourself from stresses experienced during the day. When you have finished your shifts, it is best to schedule exercise straight after work, this could be doing a workout at the gym, after your shift, completing a home workout or going on a run. It is important to ensure routine of exercising at least three times a week to take your mind off things and help you relax. Switching off from work is important to reduce stress and take your mind off things.

Balanced Diet
When doing long shift patterns and working a lot of days, having a balanced diet can be difficult to fit in, however it is important that you are feeding your body with nutrients to ensure your body feels energised. This will help you care for patients and during your days off, you will feel more refreshed to undertake other activities and spend time with loved ones. It is important to eat a healthy balanced diet that is full of vitamins, protein and having the right amount of fats and carbohydrates to keep you energised throughout the day.

registered general nurse

Undertake a hobby
During your time away from work, it is important to undertake a hobby to take your mind off things. If it important to discover something your passionate about doing, you may have to try a few things before finding something that you really enjoy. Examples of this could include, ice skating, painting, swimming, painting, yoga and much more.

During your time out of work it is important to socialise with friends and family, it could be spending time on video call or going out for shopping or a meal to take your mind off work stresses. This is likely to put you in positive moods by treating yourself, friends and family.

We are a nursing agency in Wolverhampton and we have many registered nurse jobs across the Midlands and Staffordshire, offering flexible shifts to suit your availability and we offer high rates of pay. Check out our job search tool to discover roles local to you or contact our recruitment team on 0121 285 9449 to find out more about our registered general nurse, registered learning disability and registered mental nurse roles to secure, and secure a role with us today. We have a team of specialist nurses and we are continuously looking to grow our team by working with you.

Complex care in a home care environment: Tim’s success story

Check out our short video to discover how our healthcare team have supported Tim, our passionate wolves fan in a home care environment, around her loved ones.

If yourself or your loved ones are seeking extra care and support, flexible around individual needs, then check out our home care services by clicking here

We understand that there are individuals that have no healthcare experience and are highly passionate about providing care, and also healthcare workers that may have experience of working in care homes or nursing homes that may want a new challenge to work as a home care carer. Working with service users in the comfort of their own home allows you to develop a healthier relationship to provide the best quality care and support. Providing personal care with service users regularly in their home allows you become close with individuals and build trust, which is important to prevent loneliness. Starting your journey as a home carer, requires no experience and full training is provided.

By working in a home care environment, it is a chance to make a difference to lives of people within your community, by providing the best quality support and care. Home care provides you an opportunity to make a difference to improve the routine of peoples lives who need your care and support.

Working in care homes allows you to use transferable skills and apply them effectively within a home care environment to progress your career in the healthcare industry. Providing Healthcare at home is a great opportunity to adapt your skills and allow you to progress your career within care. Through developing healthy relationships with service users, one of the most important skills it develops is, interpersonal skills which is one the most important skills when providing care and support.

Secure Healthcare provides flexible opportunities when working within a home care environment, this gives you the opportunity to do other things around your personal commitments. Within a home care environment service users there will be individuals that require basic care and other individuals may be need more complex care. You may be required to spend a few hours with service users or spend time for longer periods of time.

Duties within a home care environment include:

– Assisting with washing and dressing
– Support with getting patients in and out of bed
– Help with going to the toilet
– Preparing daily meals
– Talking to the patient and providing the individual company
– Support with household tasks
– Helping patients get around the house
– Administering basic medicines

healthcare worker

A domiciliary care role is great way to start your healthcare journey, for this role no healthcare experience is required and full training is provided. It can open up an opportunity to become a care manager, alongside the experience you will need the RMA qualification, NVQ 4, or QCF diploma. To find out more about how to become a care manager click here.

If you looking to start your journey within the healthcare sector with a healthcare agency in the West Midlands, then look no further, as we have care jobs available, if a domiciliary care worker role is of interest to you then apply by clicking here. We have flexible part time and full-time domiciliary roles across Wolverhampton, Cannock and Walsall, offering rewarding salaries and pick up as many shifts as you require around your availability.

Or contact us on 01902 303017 to find out more and secure a role with us today.

Complex care in a home care environment: Ava’s success story

Check out our short video to discover how our healthcare team have supported Ava, our little superstar in a home care environment, around her loved ones.

If you or your loved ones are seeking extra care and support, flexible around individual needs, then check out home care services by clicking here