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Bowel Care

If you are looking for bowel care near you, our experienced and dedicated carers are on hand to help. We know how debilitating it can be if you suffer from incontinence or bowel problems and are here to show you it doesn’t need to feel that way. With our help and assistance, we will closely support you or your loved one through your incontinence journey and ensure it is conducted with dignity, hassle-free and you are comfortable at all times.

For bowel care in Walsall, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas, please get in touch as we are here to help you from the comfort of your own home.

What causes bowel incontinence?

There are many reasons you can experience loss of bowel control. From medical conditions to infections or unwanted side effects from medication, it’s important to know help is here. Conditions which can cause bowel incontinence include IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), prostate problems, Multiple Sclerosis, constipation and prolapse. If you or are a loved one are in the later stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can also be a symptom of this.

Our carers are highly experienced in bowel care and know just how to manage bowel issues as soon and easily as possible. We cover all aspects from the first assessments of your condition to determine what needs are best suited to you or your loved one, to providing the high level of care and support you need.

What are some of the main symptoms of bowel incontinence?

  • Urgent and uncontrollable need to open the bowels
  • Unable to control flatulence
  • Difficulty with emptying bowels and a need to strain
  • Unavoidable leaking from the bowel

We will meet with you and do an initial assessment to see what your main symptoms are and come up with a specially tailored plan for you. We will base this on your specific needs and ensure you are comfortable and happy. We will continually monitor and update your plan in case your situation changes to ensure you are always getting the right level of care and assistance.

What are some of the main symptoms of bowel incontinence?

  • Retraining your bowel
  • Incontinence aids
  • Changing your colostomy bag
  • Toilet programmes to help monitor your body’s habits
  • A diet plan to aid with constipation
  • Advice on home adaptations such as a commode or handrails in the bathroom

We have a wide range of experience in dealing with bowel care and are on hand to assist you with whatever it might be that you need. We will aid you in everything from going to the toilet to changing pads to managing your colostomy bag.

Want to learn more about our bowel care services and whether it is suited to you? Contact a member of our team today, who will be able to discuss your specific requirements and advise you.
Call us on 01902 302017 or drop us an email at homecare@securehealthcaresolutions.co.uk.

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