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Home From Hospital

Are you an individual, or do you have a family member in need of home care? Or are you an organisation seeking healthcare staffing solutions? Perhaps you are looking for your next healthcare career step? Secure Healthcare Solutions can help. We provide the highest quality of healthcare across England and are proud to have done so since 2015.

Care work can be a sensitive task, which is why our company is only built up of the most dynamic individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in healthcare. You can trust that your loved ones will be in safe hands with us, as we offer a full “out of hours” on call service and are always there to support you in your hour of need.

If you are an organisation that needs a temporary or permanent solution in the healthcare sector, our good old fashioned values and a knowledge of modern technology will ensure patient care is delivered to maximum effect. Our mission is to deliver the very best service to our ageing population and those with disabilities while reducing the cost of care and simultaneously increasing the pay to our committed staff members.

We pride ourselves on providing over and above the basic training for our entire workforce to ensure a consistently high service for our clients and service users. Our staff training programme is always active and up to date with the latest regulations.


When you’ve been in hospital for treatment and aren’t feeling yourself, there is nothing better than the comfort of your own bed. Our staff work around the clock to help you settle back into your life at home.

Returning home after a stay in hospital can seem quite daunting. Our hospital to home services eases the transition and supports you as you settle back into your familiar surroundings. Whether a high level of care is needed or just some assistance with daily activities, we can support you from the moment you are discharged from hospital. From arranging transport on the day of discharge to installing any necessary equipment for the best care, we’ll do everything we can to make the transition as simple as possible. We work with discharge teams and occupational therapists to ensure optimum recovery is achieved.

We understand that this is your home and we try to administer our care in the least disruptive way possible so that you can recuperate in peace. Prior to your discharge, we’ll visit you in hospital and, with your permission, assess your home to ensure that everything’s ready for your return.

What’s included?

A service that is tailored to your needs: Depending on the treatment you’ve had, you may only need us for a few days following your return home. Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to determine the plan that’s right for you.

A no obligation assessment: Being in hospital is a stressful experience and when you know that you can come home, you rightly want things to be as simple as possible. This is why one of our team will come and meet you to ensure that they’re the best person to help you with your recovery.

Your family and friends will be glad to have you back home and our expert care means that they can relax and spend this time with you, without worrying about when your next tablets are due. We take care of the simple things and your medical needs, so that all you have to do is relax and focus on you.

Once you’ve been out of a hospital a while and are feeling stronger and able to do more yourself, we can adjust your plan to suit. Whether this is a case of reducing the number of visits or changing your nurse, we’ll fit the care package to your needs every step of the way.

Excellent care: When you first come out of hospital you’re still vulnerable and this is why providing excellent care is all we do. We’ll take the time to devise the best treatment plan with your doctors, surgeons, nurses and any other healthcare professionals to get you feeling yourself in no time.

We’re there to make you as comfortable as we can but it’s not just expert care that we offer as we’ll provide advice to you and your family at any time of day.

Want to find out more about our home from hospital service? Call today and speak to one of our advisors on 01902 302017, or write to us at homecare@securehealthcaresolutions.co.uk.

“They are always on hand to listen.”

Gina, Care Centre Manager

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