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Wolves Community Trust

Secure Healthcare Solutions are proud to be supporting the Wolves Community Trust


Secure Healthcare Solutions have supported the Wolves Community Trustboth in the past and going to the future. They bring the fantastic sport of walking football to people in and around Wolverhampton. The aim of walking football is to help older people, or those with limited mobility, remain active and fit while still pursuing their love for the beautiful game in a fun and sociable environment. The Wolves Community Trust is the registered charity of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and they support the local community through delivering projects relevant to sport, health, education, inclusion and community donations.

Statistics show that almost a quarter of men die before reaching the age of 65- a stark contrast to women where 13% of people die before reaching this age. Men who are physically active have a reduced risk of premature death (by around 20-30%) and the likelihood of developing a chronic disease is cut in half. Yet by the age of 55-64 it has been found that only 32% of men take the recommended half an hour of daily exercise five times a week. Whether due to lack of energy, ability or confidence, it is a statistic that needs changing. This is why the new sporting craze of Walking Football is great. It enables people to continue being active and playing football well into their 60s and 70s – something which wouldn’t otherwise be achievable. These stats were found from Aston University researchers and back up the fact that not only would they be physically fitter, but would also benefit from a myriad of health benefits.

Walking Football has recently taken the country by storm, becoming one of the fastest growing sports nationwide. Where teams used to be few and far between, there are now multiple teams in just one city. It is the same beautiful game, just at a slower pace with minimal impact tackling helping to make it more inclusive.
Secure Healthcare Solutions are very proud to partner with the Wolves Community Trust to help make these great events happen every week. If you have any questions or queries about this, or information on how you too can help, please contact Rachel on rachelsmith@wolvescommunitytrust.org.uk.