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Infection prevention and control

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Effective infection prevention and control done properly can reduce the risk of spreading between individuals, patients, and workers in the healthcare sector. Secure Healthcare Solutions provides mandatory training which covers the importance of infection control. Our complex specialist nurses can provide the training needed for you to be confident in your position.

Being in the healthcare sector, infections are at a high risk of being transmitted everywhere as you are in a face-to-face setting with a lot of individuals. Infections come primarily from human sources such as patients, service users, and clinicians. Successful infection control measures involve implementing workplace practices that control the spread of infection.

Secure Healthcare makes sure that all care staff practice infection control

  • Standard Precautions
  • Transmission-Based Precautions

Standard precautions are basic infection prevention and control strategies that apply to many people. This strategy which our complex specialist nurses and Healthcare Assistants follow are standard hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE), and appropriate handling and disposal of the sharp object such as needles ETC. Secure Healthcare Solutions provide the full training needed and all PPE to all our care staff so they can carry out a safe measure of Infection control.

Transmission-based precautions are specific interventions to interrupt the mode of transmission of infectious agents. They are used to control the risk of spreading infections between patients, service users, and clients who are suspected or confirmed to be infected. Transmission-based precautions are recommended as additional work practice.

Infection prevention and control

Hand Hygiene is the most common measure for preventing the spread of infections and reducing healthcare-associated infections. Secure Healthcare Solutions provides hand sanitizers to all our staff, and we place all equipment needed to prevent disease in the homes for safe practice.

Developing policies for handling medical and infectious waste can lead to consequences. The importance of waste management makes the facility or the client’s homeless infectious due to its tendency to leave germs on surfaces.

Disinfecting is also a key factor in which It reduces the risk of infection spreading, the process of wiping down surfaces, and removing germs, dirt, and organic matter from surfaces. Using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces is as important as anything when providing a service of care to a service user in the comfort of their own home especially if they have complex needs infection spreading can cause harm to the individuals’ health.

Secure Healthcare stresses to the care staff that when you are in home care settings or if the service user has 24-hour care at home under Secure Healthcare that infection control and prevention are demonstrated due to the duty of care that needs to be provided. Alcohol wipes and detergent wipes are good ways to practice disinfection of surfaces. Secure Healthcare also provides refresher courses to individuals who feel like they need to clean up on their skills and knowledge for their mandatory training.

Secure Healthcare Solutions makes sure that all infection control protocols are in practice and followed for the best jobs in the west midlands get in contact with us today.

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