Revalidation is used to ensure doctors are up-to-date with training and fit to practice medicine. It applies to all licensed doctors in the UK, both in the NHS and the private sector. All scopes of clinical practice are included.

All doctors must go through the revalidation process, typically every five years.

Our revalidation support makes the process as simple as possible for you.

If you have not yet revalidated and need support through the entire process, We can assist.We can provide you with:

  • E Portfolio
  • E Learning for CPD and Training
  • experienced dedicated RO,
  • professional work cloud.

This will help you collate the documentation and simplify the process. You will receive a fully outsourced, risk managed service that covers all elements of revalidation, from appraisals and 360 feedback, to managing the GMC online account.

If you have already revalidated, then we can offer an appraisal service accessed. Additionally, an experienced dedicated RO will help you build and maintain your documentation. That way you will be prepared for all revalidations in the future.

There will be a cost associated with  your revalidation requirements. Secure Healthcare will be able to inform you of charges that are applicable to you on enquiry.

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