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Stress Awareness Month


Welcome to April! What a beautiful month it is. This month we have stress awareness month and with stress being such a common strain that affects everyone every single day, we are spreading the
word across April to help you understand the signs and symptoms of stress. With confrontational circumstances being the cause of an individual’s mental and emotional strain it
leaves people feeling deflated, depleted and low energy levels which are all common symptoms of stress. There are many different symptoms that can cause a person to feel stressed which stems
from different situations.

Working within the healthcare industry and providing to a range of different clients working within NHS hospitals and private homes we are fully aware of how these settings can be quite stressful. With
our temporary staffing solutions, we are able to take the stress off of you and help you find the solution to your problem. With healthcare professionals struggling to cope with their stress levels;
normally being overworked with not enough time away, we as an agency are happy to help relieve stress and help all allied healthcare professionals have a happy, balanced life.
Over the month, Secure Healthcare Solutions are going to be spreading the awareness of stress and how to cope with it to help you feel as happy and confident as our agency workers.
Social media tips So I was thinking this could be put either on the instagram and facebook stories or in a branded square similar to the training one posted across the month to help people know how to prevent

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