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The Role of a Support Worker

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Support Workers are a crucial part of providing vulnerable people care to improve the quality of life for individuals. Support Workers assist individuals that are unable to live independently by providing practical support, assistance with daily tasks, and emotional support. Support workers help people living with different physical disabilities and mental health to support with living their lives more independently. A support worker role is varied and each person has unique individual needs, which makes the job unique.

The day-to-day role of a support worker will vary, as the needs of the person which they are supporting will be unique. As support workers you could be assisting an individual with their daily tasks such as assisting with cooking and cleaning, teaching new skills and providing emotional support to ensure individuals are living a fulfilled life.

You could be providing personal care and support to people in their own homes or within a care home. Providing day-to-day support is important for the individual, however, you will also help individuals integrate within the community.

The main responsibilities of a support worker include:

  • Providing physical support with household tasks and personal care.
  • Supporting individuals with healthcare needs, by undertaking routine checks and administering medication.
  • Supporting individuals with the personal development of skills, through hobbies and interests and to integrate with the community.
  • Educating individuals with life skills, such as shopping, reading, and writing, building communication skills, paying for bills, etc.
  • Communicating with healthcare professionals to ensure care needs are met.

For those that are seeking companionship, a support worker is a great option to build individuals’ confidence and reduce loneliness. Individuals that require a support worker struggle to make friends and communicate, therefore supporting these individuals with their hobbies and interests and helping them integrate within the community is important to build their confidence and develop social skills. For example, we could encourage individuals to play some sports or learn a new skill like cooking. For us it is important that we understand the individual’s needs, so we can communicate with them the best that we can.

Support Workers
Support Workers

Becoming a support worker can be a rewarding job, as you are making a difference in someone’s life and supporting them to become independent and the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction is something that you appreciate. Although it can be challenging it is a great career option for those that enjoy a varied job and interacting with others. Over time you will build a strong relationship with individuals and share new experiences.

To become a support worker, there is no specific qualifications required, support workers need to be passionate about providing care and support and have some care experience. Here at Secure Healthcare Solutions, we provide our employees with training and qualifications to support them with their roles.

One of our support workers Abigail states that “Helping someone in their life keeps me motivated and makes every day rewarding for me”.
To find out more about our support worker jobs in the West Midlands, use our job search tool to discover a part-time or full-time role local to you.

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