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Ventilator Care

To the families of ventilated or ventilator dependent clients, ventilator care can be a challenging prospect. Which is why we are here. With our experienced and dedicated team of ventilator care nurses and specialists we will ensure you and your loved ones are supported, comfortable and that life can continue at home as smoothly as it can possibly do under the circumstances.

All of our clinical carers specialize in nursing led CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) and BiPAP (Bi-Level positive are pressure) care and support, meaning you will receive the best care possible. We are based all around the country, with a focus on ventilator care in Wolverhamptom, Dudley, Cannock, Walsall, Sandwell, South Stafford, Birmingham, Telford and other areas. (You can see a full map of the areas we cover here.)

How we can help you

We know it can be daunting going home from the hospital and requiring constant care at home, but we are here to instantly put you at ease. Breathing difficulties are scary and a ventilator can often seem very technical, with both the patient and family members at a loss of where to start. We will be there with you every step of the way to show you how it works and help with any questions you might have. With our help we will show you it is easy once you know what you are dealing with. The most basic requirements for a home ventilator system is easy to use and access and all it needs is space and some access to easily connect to electrical sockets as well as a phone line just in case you have any questions or need advice.

Your ventilator care team from Secure Healthcare Solutions will work to create the best and safest environment for your home ventilator. We will work closely with your doctors and healthcare team to ensure a seamless transition from hospital to your own home.

We know that no two people are the same, which is why we will create a tailored plan for you to prioritize your needs. When it comes to ventilation and breathing we have the knowledge, expertise and know-how to ensure it is as stress free as it can possibly be.

Some of the most common questions about ventilators include:

  • What if the machine goes wrong?
  • What does the alarm mean?
  • What do the settings mean?
  • How will I remember to set it up?

If the machine goes wrong – This is a very unlikely thing to happen as equipment nowadays is designed to self-check and will alarm you if any issues do arise. Machines are designed to cope with loss of power to the home and mechanically assisted ventilation will have backup equipment for emergencies and transfers. As with all equipment regular maintenance and upgrades are needed, but the equipment provider should arrange this.

The alarm – The alarm is designed to go off to alert you in care of high pressures which could potentially require the tracheotomy needing suctioned (for example) yet each machine is different. Be sure to ask your own carer any questions and they will explain what the alarms may mean.

The settings – The settings on the ventilator are there to adjust different pressures, rates, oxygen flow etc. These are already set by a specialist and they can give guidance on what they all mean. Your specialist will let you know which ones may need to be adjusted and when and which you don’t need to ever touch or change.

Set up – Once you have used a ventilator a few times it will become easily familiar to you, yet there are steps you can take to put your mind at rest. You could take photos of how it is set up and write yourself notes, so if you do adjust or clean it, you will know how to put it back together. Remember that if you are concerned there will always be someone to help and answer any questions you might have.

If you are heading home from hospital and will be needing a ventilator from home and find yourself asking “where can I find ventilator care near me” be sure to get in touch. We are just a phone call away and ready to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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