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What are the qualities of a good nurse? The nursing profession is unlike any other in the medical field. Why? A nurse is almost always the medical profession who spends the most time on a one on one basis with the patient. In some cases, a nurse will continue with home visits long after the patient has been discharged from the hospital. For these and many other reasons, a person considering to train as a nurse should do a self-assessment check and determine whether she has what it takes to be a great nurse. Considering the following is a good place to start.

Compassion Toward Others

The ability to ‘feel’ another person’s pain is not a gift that everyone possesses. A good nurse must go being sympathetic to a patient. There must be empathy; fellow-feeling. Doing this for patient after patient and day after day needs determination and a motivation that exceeds the need for mere survival through earning a salary as a nurse.

A Great Team – Player

There are many other people involved in patient care. A great nurse must be ready to maintain harmony in the team. The result of a cohesive team is superior patient care and better outcome.

A Great Nurse is a Permanent Learner

The medical field is a dynamic one. A nurse must continue learning the new trends in nursing care and also have an idea of other advances in medicine. This will not only help her remain at the top of things but will also make her a source of information and inspiration to others.

Level – Headedness

More often than not a nurse is under extreme pressure. Such situations call for decisive action. A great nurse is the one who handles such events with calmness. Panic is the worst thing in an emergency.

The qualities of a great nurse boil down to a caring, compassionate and calm person who can work under pressure without panicking. A great nurse is a source of strength and hope to the sick and a mentor to those following her steps in the profession.

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