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Our vision Our mission

Secure Healthcare is recruitment, nursing and domiciliary care agency.

Domiciliary care is regulated and approved as a service provider by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in accordance with the Health and Social care act 2008 and the Care Act 2014. We respond to the individual needs of our customer’s and service users on a 24 hour basis, 365 days a year.

Our customer and service user groups are diverse, ranging from individuals requiring care within the privacy of their own homes on a short and long-term basis. This can be working alongside local government organisations or within the private sector.

The Secure Healthcare Mission:
“To deliver outstanding genuine Person centered care and support to local communities, clients and service users”

Our main objectives

  • To make a positive difference by providing a quality service through the provision of the highly trained, fully compliant and experienced personnel: The cornerstones of our success is our robust recruitment process and the training that we offer to all our care staff.
  • To ensure that care provision is personalised and delivered in accordance with regulations and the diverse requirements of our customers and their patients. We constantly strive to respect the individuality of service users, promote their independence, dignity and safety; respect the privacy and personal choices, lifestyles, customs, cultures and values.

We seek to:

  • Continually improve the service we provide, the quality and reputation of our members and the range of settings and clients we are able to benefit.
  • Constantly evolve our policies, procedures and our bespoke computerised system to deliver and monitor reliable and outstanding care where all appointments are consistently scheduled promptly and that continuity of staff is paramount at all times.
  • Ensure successful delivery of this service the management team undertakes to understand what is expected of them and the outcomes that are desired by our clients. The company adopts an outcome-based approach to the service that it delivers.
  • Work and communicate effectively in conjunction with other health and care professionals in the delivery of outstanding care.
  • Provide services to a wide range of service users within their own home. We supply te services of qualified nurses who are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and Support Workers who are unqualified but have experience or hold NVQ qualifications.
  • Commit to ensure that we assess all service users in advance of care provision and that staff will be placed who are suitably skilled and qualified to meet the requirements for provision of service.

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe that everyone should be empowered to live their lives as they choose.
  • We promote independent living.
  • We highly value our care and support workers, without whom there would be no Secure Healthcare.
  • We believe in the strength of our policies and procedures and the importance of adhering to them.
  • We believe in consistently maintaining fair and competitive fee levels.
  • We believe in complete honesty and integrity in everything we set out to accomplish.
  • We believe that our mission statement can only be achieved by sharing our beliefs and working together as a team.

Our Values:

  • Privacy
  • An individual’s right to privacy involves being free from intrusion or unwelcome attention.
  • Dignity
  • The right to dignity involves recognising the intrinsic value of people as individuals and the specific nature of each person’s particular needs.
  • Independence
  • Allowing individuals the opportunity to think, plan, act and take sensible, calculated risks without continual reference to others.
  • Security
  • In providing services to those with disabilities, there is a difficult balance to be struck between assisting them to experience as much independence as possible and making sure they are not exposed to unnecessary hazards. Taking care of the security of service users therefore means helping to provide an environment and support structure which offers sensible protection from danger and readily available assistance when required. This should not be interpreted as a demand for a totally safe or risk-free lifestyle; taking reasonable risks can be interesting, exciting and fun, as well as necessary.
  • Civil Rights
  • We aim to assist our service users to continue to enjoy their civil rights.
  • Choice
  • Choice consists of the opportunity to select independently from a range of options and we will avoid, as much as is possible, a patterned service provision, which leads to compulsory timings for activities.
  • Fulfillment
  • This has been defined as the opportunity to realise personal aspirations and abilities. It recognises and responds to levels of human satisfaction separate from the physical and material, but it is difficult to generalise about fulfillment as it deals with precisely those areas of lifestyle where individuals differ from each other.
  • Diversity
  • Britain’s social care services are used by people from a wide diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Services therefore need to be accessible and we will make particular efforts to reach out to vulnerable people who might have been deterred from approaching agencies which appear not to relate to their special needs and aspirations; and to demonstrate that we welcome and celebrate the wide range of people in the community generally and among the users of our services in particular.