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With the costs of residential care homes for the elderly increasing, a huge number of people are now considering care at home services to allow their relatives, parents and spouses to be cared for in their own environment.

Being looked after at home can be incredibly beneficial for those who need support – being in familiar surrounding can help with feeling comfortable, and also combat symptoms of dementia. For families who realise that a loved one is in need of care, it can also be comforting to know that the person requiring care will be looked after on a one to one basis.

Is it more expensive to be looked after at home or a care home?

The way in which the funding system works means that in the majority of cases, homeowners have to pay their fees if they go into a care home as anyone with assets worth over £23,250 does not qualify for help with funding. The government will step in once you have used any assets you have to fund your care, including your property, any savings and pensions. With the average cost of a care home in the UK at around £600 per week, your personal assets can dwindle extremely quickly.

If you choose instead to receive care at home, you pay for your care in a slightly different way. You are still entitled to financial support from the government, which is paid to you in the form of benefits.

The value of your property is excluded from the means testing process, meaning that you can still qualify for funding if your non-property assets are above the threshold.

Why are care homes so Expensive?

The care industry is facing somewhat of a crisis. Just like any other household, they are met with increasing costs for items such as food, electricity and gas, but also face the challenges of rising wage bills, insurances and rents. Due to the way in which care homes receive funding from those residents who are not self-funded, they are often raising the costs for those who are paying for themselves in order to subsidise what is received from the local authority.

Is care at home affordable for me?

The answer is, it depends. If you are thinking about care at home for you or a loved one, it’s worth considering talking to a care at home agency in your area. The costs will very much depend on the needs of the person who requires care, and a good agency will undertake a full assessment to put together a tailored care plan for you.

As care homes have additional overheads that just don’t apply in your own home, the hourly rates for care at home can be much more affordable than in a care or nursing home.

Care at Home in the West Midlands

If you are looking for a care home provider in the West Midlands, Secure Healthcare Solutions can help. We offer a range of tailored care at home services including nursing care, respite care, and help with cooking and companionship. Whatever your needs, we are here to assist.