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In the UK there is a high demand for registered general nurses, as over the years there has been staff shortages and the government has not heavily invested in this area, we live in an ageing population and with the COVID-19 pandemic the need for registered nurses has increased massively. This has resulted in nursing agencies offering roles to fill this gap, based on demand. While the transition to be an agency nurse may be simple, it takes a lot to be a great agency nurse.

Below we will be highlighting the main qualities required for agency nursing, where there is a demand for registered general nurses, registered learning disability nurses and registered mental nurse roles, below discover how to make a smooth transition into agency nursing.

A registered nurse has a lot of transferable skills developed over the years and through education. It is important that these skills are applied successfully within a work environment.
It is important that you are kind, caring and professional when dealing with your colleagues and patients to ensure the best care and support is provided.


One of the most important skills required for a registered nurse is communication skills, a nurse needs to be able to talk to individuals from different cultures. As well as talking to patients, you also need to communicate with family members, doctors and other healthcare staff, accurately and quickly. All parties need to understand patient’s needs and communicate effectively to ensure the best care and support is provided.
registered general nurse

With a nursing profession, it requires you to be a people person. You have to be compassionate, empathetic and have a genuine interest in helping people which is part of everyday work of a nurse. A patient and family members will experience a variety of emotions, therefore it is important that this is respected and the best support is provided.

Physical fitness

A nurse role requires you to be on your feet a lot of the time, it is a physically demanding job that requires fitness and stamina for you to do your job properly. There is a lot of long hours of work and shift work which requires you to be really fit. For a registered general nurse, check out the NHS’s information about eating well, exercising and healthcare, click here to find out more.

With a nurse role, no two days are the same, nurse professionals need to have the ability to change and adapt at any time. By working for agency as a nurse, there is flexibility to do shifts based on your availability, however sometimes because of patients needs and if working, where 1:1 care is provided 24/7, there will be times that you could be required urgently.

Willingness to learn

As a nurse professional, you have to be willing to learn, through practical experience and learning from other healthcare professionals, you will develop skills to allow you to progress your career. Here at Secure Healthcare Solutions, we also provide training to our registered nurses to ensure that they are effectively trained, and there are opportunities to specialise as registered learning disability nurses and registered mental nurses.

We are a nursing agency in Wolverhampton and we have many registered nurse jobs across the Midlands and Staffordshire, offering flexible shifts to suit your availability and we offer high rates of pay. Check out our job search tool to discover roles local to you or contact our recruitment team on 0121 285 9449 to find out more about our registered general nurse, registered learning disability and registered mental nurse roles to secure a role with us today. We have a team of specialist nurses and we are continuously looking to grow our team by working with you.

In the UK there is over 669,854 registered Nurses in the UK and the government has plans to recruit over 50,000 Nurses by 2025, click here to find out more. With an ageing population and the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been an increased need for healthcare workers. With an increased demand for Nurses, there is a lot of nurse jobs in the West Midlands, there is great opportunities to progress your career, which may be to become a specialist Nurse and increase your income.

Being part of a Nursing agency and working for NHS, as a nurse has similarities and differences, also by working for a nursing agency, you are entitled to better benefits compared to working directly for the NHS in a hospital setting.

The five main benefits of a Nursing agency include:

Increased pay rate
Agency work is much better paid, your hourly rate is significantly higher and you could be working less hours a week and get paid much higher than working directly for the NHS. As there is a high demand for nurses, you could also increase your pay by picking up extra shifts. Adzuna outlines that ‘the average agency nurse salary is £46,000, compared to the average Nurse salary of £36,000’.

Flexible working hours and shifts
With agency nursing, you can choose and pick shifts when you want to work. You may choose to work for a few days and relax the other days. There is a lot more flexibility with agency nursing, compared to working directly for the NHS. We understand that people have busy lifestyles which is why arranging shifts around your availability is important to allow you to have a balanced lifestyle.

Career development
By working in a nursing agency, you have access to a variety of environments to work in. This is great for you to build your experience and develop your CV, as you develop a variety of skills and experience to apply. For example, you could be working in a care home/residential home setting, hospital or home care environment.
benefits of joining a nursing
Support from your agency
Secure healthcare offers 24/7 around the clock support for our staff, we provide on-going training and qualifications to ensure our staff feel comfortable to provide tailored support and care to our service users. We also encourage our nurses to undertake qualifications and training with us to allow them to become specialist nurses and progress careers.

Accepting shifts is easy
Through our dedicated booking app, selecting shifts is straight forward and simple. For our healthcare team, we have an app which allows our healthcare staff to select shifts around their availability. You can pick up as many shifts as you want.

We are nursing agency in Wolverhampton and we have many registered nurse jobs across the Midlands and Staffordshire, offering flexible shifts to suit your availability and we offer high rates of pay. Check out our job search tool to discover roles local to you or contact our recruitment team on 0121 285 9449 to find out more about our nurse roles and secure a role with us today. We have a team of Specialist Nurses and we are continuously looking to grow our team by working with you.

If you have always been a caring and considerate person, then you might have thought about becoming a nurse. A nurse is currently the UK’s most employable type of degree. 94% of students get a job within six months of their course finishing. Becoming a nurse is hard work, but is also one of the most rewarding careers that you could ever do. You can go home every day knowing that you have made a profound difference in someone’s life, simply by doing your job and being you. If you are interested in a nursing job and wondering “how do I get into nursing?” There are a few things you need to think about.

Consider the field of nursing you want to go into
There are many different branches within the nursing career field. These include adult nursing, children’s nursing, mental health nursing and learning disability nursing. You could choose to specialize in one or do a degree that allows you to study in two of them. Do your research before you decide which you want to do. While they are all nursing jobs, they are all very different in what they entail.

The route you will take to become a nurse
Once you have decided to become a nurse, you will need to consider how you will do this. You will also need to think of how you can fit it around your everyday life. There are a few ways that you can become a nurse:

– Studying at university –
This is probably the most common and well-known route to become a nurse. Each university in the UK has its own criteria for entry. You will need to do your research and find which one is best for you. It’s like you will need at least two or three A-levels as well as supporting GCSE’s. You can also find some online degrees if you cannot go out to university. This might be the case for example, you have children at home that you need to look after.

– By doing a nursing degree apprenticeship –
Nursing degree apprenticeships are a bit of a newer offering and more and more NHS organizations are offering this now. You will still need to study in order to become a nurse. The difference is you will be at university part-time and do various placements. In order to begin a nursing apprenticeship, you will typically need a level 3 qualification. Your apprenticeship should take about four years.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

– By becoming a nursing associate –
A nursing associate is a great one if you want to head straight into work. While not the same as being a registered nurse, you can do further training to top-up your training and climb the ranks. In this role, you will work alongside fully qualified nurses and nursing care support workers. You will learn on the job and undertaking training. You will have a range of opportunities in a diverse range of settings. These are great to broaden your experience and teach you on the job.

Think about if a nursing job is for you
There are many attributes that make up a great nurse and it can help if you have these qualities. The first of these is adaptability. Each day working as a nurse can be completely different. You will need to be prepared to adapt and switch up what you are doing at a moment’s notice. You will need to be ready to work under pressure and expect the unexpected each and every day.

Another attribute you will also need is to have patience. You may have a difficult patient that doesn’t want to eat or take medication, or their family may try to intervene. It is important that you take deep breaths and try to keep calm and patient at all times. This will make it easier for everyone involved.

You will need to be prepared to commit. Nursing isn’t a job you can put in minimal effort and put down at the end of the day. It is a commitment to caring for your patients and going above and beyond on a daily basis. You may get home and find that you are impacted by the day’s events and sometimes have to work overtime.

Another quality you will need to have is empathy. Being a nurse is a full-on and emotional job and you will be dealing with people suffering the worst challenges of their lives. Try to empathize with how they might be feeling and how you can make this better.

These are just some of the top tips to get into a nursing job. A nursing career is a very rewarding one, but one that you will dedicate your life to. Think about the above and decide carefully if it is for you. If you have enjoyed our article on “how do I get into nursing” why not get in touch? You can see the nursing jobs we have available on our site. Find out more about our nursing jobs and vacancies here.

It’s a common phenomenon that the New Year can signal a want of career change for many – and 2018 is no different.

What causes so many workers to chose to look out for a new role at the start of the year is uncertain, whether it’s a case of ‘new year – new you’ or whether the onset of winter blues causes job dissatisfaction, it’s actually the case that for many, January is spent scouting for a new role.

A recent survey has shown that more than half of the UK’s workforce will be looking for a new job in 2018, so for certain roles, it is expected that the competition for roles could be fierce. However, it is always the case that many NHS and healthcare workers are in high demand from employers.


nursing jobs wolverhampton

Nursing Jobs in 2018

With uncertainty over Brexit, and a lower than usual take-up of nursing degrees last year, qualified nurses are in high demand, and we have a large number of nursing roles available in the Midlands and surrounding areas. With some great job roles including paediatric nurses, RGN’s, Nurse practitioners, and lots more – Secure Healthcare Solutions can assist you into your new nursing role for a great new year.

Here are just some of our current vacancies

Band 5 RGN – North Staffordshire

Band 6 RGN – West Midlands

Theatre Nurse – West Midlands


Healthcare Assistant Jobs in 2018

New job 2018

Perhaps you are seeking a new role this year that fits in better with your lifestyle. Many of those seeking a new job for the new year are making a conscious decision to make more time for family or get a role that fits in better with their lifestyle. Secure Healthcare Solutions operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we are able to offer regular work at a time that suits you. Specify your availability and we can offer shifts that fit in exactly with when and where you want to work. As a leading provider of care, we have a wide range of healthcare assistant roles available – here are just a few.

Agency Healthcare Assistant/Support Worker – Tamworth

Healthcare Assistant-Worcester

Complex Care, Healthcare Assistant/ Support Worker – Stafford 


Whatever your career aspirations for 2018, Secure Healthcare Solutions can help. So get in touch with us today – call 0121 285 9449 or send an email to cv@securehealthcaresolutions.co.u

Are you searching for your dream Nursing job in Wolverhampton or Birmingham in the West Midlands?

Then it makes sense to contact Secure Healthcare Solutions – one of the leading companies specialising in providing nursing jobs in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re looking for a permanent role in which you can grow your skillset and advance in your career, or you’d prefer to work on a temporary adhoc basis, the team at Secure Healthcare Solutions will do all they can to help you find the right position to suit your requirements. Roles are available in NHS hospitals, private healthcare groups, theatre departments, mental health units and even in prisons.

High Pay Speciality Nurse Roles Available in the West Midlands

Secure Healthcare Solutions also provide high pay speciality nurse roles, including ITU nursing, Theatre, Scrub, ODP/ODA, RSCN and paediatric. So why not get in touch today to discuss your employment needs? The team are ready and waiting to hear from you and will endeavour to provide you with a high level of service. Call 0121 285 9449 to get started with your job search. Or take a look around the website to find out more about Secure Healthcare Solutions.

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