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In the UK there is over 669,854 registered Nurses in the UK and the government has plans to recruit over 50,000 Nurses by 2025, click here to find out more. With an ageing population and the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been an increased need for healthcare workers. With an increased demand for Nurses, there is a lot of nurse jobs in the West Midlands, there is great opportunities to progress your career, which may be to become a specialist Nurse and increase your income.

Being part of a Nursing agency and working for NHS, as a nurse has similarities and differences, also by working for a nursing agency, you are entitled to better benefits compared to working directly for the NHS in a hospital setting.

The five main benefits of a Nursing agency include:

Increased pay rate
Agency work is much better paid, your hourly rate is significantly higher and you could be working less hours a week and get paid much higher than working directly for the NHS. As there is a high demand for nurses, you could also increase your pay by picking up extra shifts. Adzuna outlines that ‘the average agency nurse salary is £46,000, compared to the average Nurse salary of £36,000’.

Flexible working hours and shifts
With agency nursing, you can choose and pick shifts when you want to work. You may choose to work for a few days and relax the other days. There is a lot more flexibility with agency nursing, compared to working directly for the NHS. We understand that people have busy lifestyles which is why arranging shifts around your availability is important to allow you to have a balanced lifestyle.

Career development
By working in a nursing agency, you have access to a variety of environments to work in. This is great for you to build your experience and develop your CV, as you develop a variety of skills and experience to apply. For example, you could be working in a care home/residential home setting, hospital or home care environment.
benefits of joining a nursing
Support from your agency
Secure healthcare offers 24/7 around the clock support for our staff, we provide on-going training and qualifications to ensure our staff feel comfortable to provide tailored support and care to our service users. We also encourage our nurses to undertake qualifications and training with us to allow them to become specialist nurses and progress careers.

Accepting shifts is easy
Through our dedicated booking app, selecting shifts is straight forward and simple. For our healthcare team, we have an app which allows our healthcare staff to select shifts around their availability. You can pick up as many shifts as you want.

We are nursing agency in Wolverhampton and we have many registered nurse jobs across the Midlands and Staffordshire, offering flexible shifts to suit your availability and we offer high rates of pay. Check out our job search tool to discover roles local to you or contact our recruitment team on 0121 285 9449 to find out more about our nurse roles and secure a role with us today. We have a team of Specialist Nurses and we are continuously looking to grow our team by working with you.

In this modern day, there is always a demand to work within the healthcare sector. With the Covid 19 pandemic and ageing population, there has been an increased need for healthcare workers.

The NHS and healthcare companies are the largest employers in the company, with over 1 million people just working in the NHS, and this forecasted to rise over the years. The government is committed to increase the Nursing workforce by 50,000 by 2024/25. With an increased demand for Nurses, there is a lot of nurse jobs in the West Midlands.

Within the healthcare sector there is over 350 different career opportunities, one of these is paediatric nursing, known as a children’s nurse.

There has never been a better time to start your career in this amazing profession. It is a role that requires you to work hard and it can be stressful, but it is an excellent career option for you to progress your career and it is a role with great benefits.

What is Paediatric Nurse?
Paediatric nurses, known as children’s nurses, work with babies, children, through to young adults under the age of 18. These Nurses work closely with the children’s families to ensure the best care and support is provided. Nurses also work with doctors, healthcare assistants, psychologists and social workers to ensure the best care and support is provided.

Some of the typical duties could include:
– Assess patient’s conditions, carry out examinations and develop treatment plans
– Monitor and observe patients and record important information
– Administer patient’s medications and provide treatments
– Perform various clinical procedures, ensuring setting up lifesaving medical/monitoring equipment, dressing wounds and giving injections.
– Supporting parents and staff to deal with sick children and having input in care plans after discharge.

With a Paediatric nurse role, there is a lot of opportunities to specialise, as there is a lot of subspecialities within paediatric’ s. Paediatric nurses support parents and staff to deal with sick children in care. With this role Nurses spend a lot of time working with children to develop a close relationship and ensure the best care and support is provided to patients and their families.

Paediatric nurse
Paediatric nurse

Training and qualifications required for Paediatric roles
The main way to get into children’s Nursing is through a Nursing degree, at certain universities, you can also study for a children’s nurse degree to specialise in this area. After you have qualified you must be registered with the NMC, which requires you to practice 450 hours of Nurse experience before you start a role.

To find out more about the requirements for a Paediatric role, click here

What are some of the main attributes required to become an excellent paediatric Nurse?
– Some of the main qualities of a Nurse include, being caring, compassionate and sensitive when dealing with patients and families.
– Excellent communication skills, listening to young patients and family members to ensure the best care and support is provided. This skill is very important to have within this role.
– If working within a hospital setting, you have to be flexible to deal with a range of patients at one time, this can sometimes be quite stressful and tiring, as it requires you to be on your feet and a lot of moving.
– Working as a Nurse requires you to stay calm when working under intense pressure.
– With a Nurse role with high intensity, endurance and stamina is required, as it is a very fast paced role.

We are a nursing agency in Wolverhampton and we have nurse vacancies in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and NHS nurse jobs across the West Midlands, if you think a paediatric nurse is the role for you, then check out latest jobs using our job search tool. We have a team of Specialist Nurses and we are continuously looking to grow our team by working with you.