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5 Innovative Technological Devices for People with Dementia


Dementia is now the first and second leading cause of death in females and males in the UK.
Over 850,000 people are living with dementia and this is set to rise to over 1 million by 2025.
With no known cure for dementia, caring for someone with dementia can be difficult and
present a whole host of unforeseen challenges as the disease can cause changes to a person’s
memory, cognitive ability and communication. Assistive technology can help with anxiety,
establish a routine and boost the quality of life for everyone involved. With new technology
being developed each day, more devices are becoming available to advance caring for people
with dementia.

Apps That Help With Dementia

Perhaps the most obvious new technology, but there are a whole range of apps specifically
developed for either people with dementia or their caregivers. Research has shown
that these apps can be hugely beneficial as they target various aspects that affect
people with dementia such as balance, medication reminders, memory training or
even just an app to connect to others to help with isolation. There are hundreds
available, such as MindMate, Nymbl and Elevate.

How Amazon Echo Help Dementia Sufferers

Amazon’s Echo has had a big impact on those with dementia as it offers the very
thing they’re losing – memory! Amazon’s Echo doubles as a personal assistant and a
companion who never gets bored or frustrated with being asked the same questions
repeatedly, making it perfect for people with dementia.
As well as this, “Alexa” offers people with dementia a source of entertainment as well
as company. With the ability to play music and audiobooks, it can offer caregivers a
welcome respite and can even be connected to smart devices to control lights,
switches and thermostats giving the person even more independence and control.

Xenoma Smart Clothing – Pyjamas That Measure Vital Signs

The Japanese smart fabric company Xenoma aims to develop smart pyjamas
specifically for people dementia within hospitals. The idea is rather than confining
them to their rooms or keeping them in for observation, the clothing monitors motion
and vital signs such as breathing, pressure and body temperature. The company claims
they won’t show wear for 100 washes and don’t require any liquid or gel to keep
conductivity with your skin. While the e-skin pyjamas aren’t available just yet,
Xenoma hopes the hardware is ready for release in 2020, by which point the cost per
garment will be less than $100 (£75).

Personal Alarms & GPS Tracking Devices

People with dementia can be known to wander. Coupled with memory loss, they can
often end up lost and confused as to where they are or how they arrived there. To
counter this, a personal alarm and GPS tracker which can be easily kept in your
pocket or attached to a lanyard around your neck or wrist can be incredibly beneficial.
These usually include two-way calling that allows the person with dementia to talk to
their emergency contacts just by pressing the SOS alarm button and vice versa. These
can be useful for emergencies or if their mobile runs out of battery. The good news is
there’s plenty of these available such as Unforgettable personal alarm and tracker,
Yepzon One GPS locator & tracker or Pebbell personal alarm and tracker. There’s so
many variations that you are bound to find one tailored to your needs.

A Robotic Pet Companion!

Definitely the most unusual device on our list, Robotic pet companions are a great
way to reduce stress and anxiety in dementia patients. These cuddly critters usually
have built-in senses and artificial intelligence which allows them to ‘learn’, even to
respond to their given name and best of all, they will always behave. There are many
different ones available such as PARO the Seal or Hasbro’s Joy for All companion
pets which offers the user a choice between a puppy or cat companion.

While technology can help to maintain independence for those suffering from dementia, it is also important that physical needs are attended to alongside offering human company. That’s why here at Secure Health Care solutions, we offer a range of care at home services to assist you or the person you care about to live well in their own home.

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