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Become a Supporter of Autism West Midlands!

Posted: 04/07/2017
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Autism West Midlands is the leading charity in the West Midlands for people affected by autism. We exist to enable all people with autism, and those who love and care for them to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Because autism is closely linked to anxiety, one of the main benefits of professional care and support is to minimise anxiety and distress. This is achieved by close knowledge of the individual with autism, and by providing security and structure.

Professional support can also expand boundaries. Even though people with autism are often resistant to change and anxious about change, they may also be open to new experiences. Professional care can, for example, expand dietary choices. Additionally, where people with autism need a structured day, part of the structure can and should be activities which they enjoy.

People with autism often have strong interests, even obsessions, in certain subjects – for example Dr Who; The Beatles; computer games. A structured programme will enable them to spend some time in following these interests, as part of a balanced programme of activities. A balanced programme for an adult with autism might include some time at College; some time in physical activity (for example swimming or a walk); some time on personal care; perhaps sometime on food preparation; some time on the individual's particular interests. This is only one example: some people with autism would not be physically or mentally able to carry out all these activities; others – for example someone high-functioning with Asperger syndrome – may be fully able to plan their own time. The message is to try to deliver a varied programme within a known structure. The structure will tend to minimise anxiety; the variety can help develop skills and provide interest.

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Voluntary donations help fund a variety of our projects in the West Midlands. Donations also pay for equipment for our service users to enjoy and help families gain access to services in the community specifically for those with autism.

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With your support, Autism West Midlands can help people with autism to live as independently as possible, in both residential care and their own homes. We can provide activities and events to support families from sibling groups to stay and play sessions and parent support groups. Our Helpline is also a listening ear, providing support and advice to those who need it. The work that we do is possible because of the support from you.

For just £15.00 per year become a supporter of Autism West Midlands and you will receive the following;

- Online supporters welcome pack

- Digital supporters certificate

- Exclusive supporters web access to our very own digital Autism Matters magazine

In this section you can find out how to get involved with Autism West Midlands, including fundraising activities, volunteering opportunities, membership and events. More details here.

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