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All you need to know about being a healthcare assistant and deciding if it is the career for you

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If you are a kind, patient and caring individual looking for a new role, then a healthcare assistant job might be the one for you. Wondering if you have the right traits and just what being a healthcare assistant entails? Here at Secure Healthcare Solutions we are one of the best home care agencies in Wolverhampton and know just what it takes to be a great healthcare assistant. Healthcare jobs provide a real sense of worth to those who do them and are a valuable role in society. From home care services to complex care services, here is some more information on a healthcare assistant job role…

What is a healthcare assistant?

A healthcare assistant is an individual who ensures a patient’s experience is as stress-free, dignified, and comfortable as it can possibly be. It is often the first step on a career ladder if you are looking to get into a more advanced career position, but many people like the role so much they stick at it for many years.

What would day to day duties typically be?

As a healthcare assistant, you will have a varied role in-home care services and complex care services, with many different duties. This is one of the reasons so many people love the day. Healthcare jobs provide you with a great opportunity to try out different skills and better yourself every day. Typical duties can include:

  • Helping your client to get washed and dressed in the morning
  • Fixing your client with healthy and nutritious meals throughout the day
  • Going shopping for them
  • Doing light cleaning around the home
  • Being a companion
  • Picking up any medication and prescriptions they might need
  • Driving them to any medical appointments
  • Life administration such as paying bills
  • Administering medication
  • Taking them on day trips or to social events
  • Getting them ready for bed and settled for the night
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Healthcare assistant

What personality traits should I have for a healthcare assistant?

As a healthcare assistant, there are certain personality traits that would benefit you in the role. You will need to be a caring and kind person, as well as cheerful and friendly. Patients might not get much other company so will look forward to your visits and having some nice companionship. They may also be unwell or missing their independence so a kind and patient temperament will help them a lot. You will also need to be willing to be hands-on with the patient including personal tasks. If you are someone that is bothered by washing someone, helping them go to the toilet, or clearing up mess such as sick then this might not be the role for you. You will also need to be organized as you will often have a number of different patients on your rota that you need to see during the day. You will need to know who needs what and when, which homes you need to be at during certain times of the day, and the individual needs of the clients. If you are not organized you could end up missing appointments, getting orders wrong, and upsetting those that you look after.
There aren’t any specific qualifications you need as a healthcare assistant, but many employers will ask that you have a good basic level of English and Maths. If you have a qualification in healthcare such as an NVQ or a BTEC this can be useful, but if you don’t have one it is not something to worry about. One of the most important things for you to gain a role in a healthcare assistant job is to have relevant experience in care work. There are many apprenticeships you could do, or it is worth volunteering somewhere locally. This will show your future employer that you are dedicated to the profession and will have some basic knowledge of what you will be doing.

Where can I find care jobs and health jobs to become an HCA?

Here at Secure Healthcare Solutions, we are one of the best job provider sites and home care agencies in Wolverhampton and beyond. From staffing for nurses and private hospital staffing to health jobs and care jobs, we have a myriad of roles to apply for. If you are looking to be a healthcare assistant, we are on hand to help. Get in touch with us today and find out what roles we have available. Find out more about Secure Healthcare Solutions on our website today.

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