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Overnight Care at Home West Midlands


When considering a care at home plan, you may wish to consider whether you or your loved one needs assistance during the night. Choosing to use overnight care can be something that you wish to do from when you start to use care at home services. or may become a requirement at a later stage if you become more reliant on your care professional.

There are several instances where you may decide that overnight care will be beneficial for the health and the safety of the person receiving care, and below we talk through some common reasons why people choose to include overnight services in the care plan.

Night Time Care for Dementia Sufferers

If you have chosen care at home services for someone suffering with dementia or Alzheimers, as the condition progresses, you may wish to ensure the safety and security of the person requiring care, by having someone to care for them overnight. Additionally, it can be frightening and confusing for those who suffer from dementia to wake up alone, therefore having a professional carer on hand gives you peace of mind that your loved one has the support they need.


Overnight Care for those with mobility issues

For people with limited mobility, tasks such as getting in and out of bed can become difficult. It can also be worrying, as you may feel that you are in a vulnerable position should there be any type of emergency.

Care at home can be arranged overnight to give you assistance with getting in and out of bed, getting up to use the toilet, and additionally gives you peace of mind that you have someone to help should there be any type of emergency.


Many of our clients choose care at home services as they wish to maintain their independance and remain in their own homes in later life. However, feeling safe and secure in your own home is key to ensuring that you continue to have that self assurance. For some people who require care, that feeling of security may be eroded if, for example, they have been a victim of crime, or live alone.

Having someone close by can help to alleviate fear and anxiety and give peace of mind, allowing them to feel secure and safe.


If you or a loved one is required to take medication on a regular basis, whether as part of recovering from an illness or surgery, or as part of a long term medication plan, care professionals can help you to ensure that you take your dose at the correct times.

Resting can be vital recovering from injury or illness, however worrying that you may forget to take your medication can cause restlessness and anxiety, therefore putting the responsibility for waking you for medication onto your carer can allow you to be better rested as you know you are in safe hands.

Whatever your reasons for considering overnight care at home, Secure Healthcare Solutions can help. We work with you to ensure a fully tailored care plan that meets with your exact requirements and will provide a carer who fits in with your lifestyle and personality.








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