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What Are The Benefits of Agency Nursing?


If you work in the healthcare profession, you may, at some point considered using a nursing agency. Whether you are a RGN, a healthcare assistant, or any other type of nurse practitioner, at Secure Healthcare Solutions, we have a range of excellent roles available on an agency basis.

But what are the benefits of working through a nursing agency, and should you consider it?

Pay For Agency Nursing

Generally speaking, the pay you will receive as an agency nurse or healthcare worker will be higher than if you worked directly for an employer. As an agency worker, you are able to work as many shifts as you like for a good hourly rate, so can take control of your earning potential. At Secure Healthcare Solutions, a nursing agency in Birmingham, covering all of the West Midlands, payment is made weekly meaning that you are never waiting on your wages!

Flexible Nursing Shifts

One of the biggest benefits for many staff looking to use a healthcare agency is the flexibility it allows. As an agency worker, you can choose your own shifts, work at times that suit you and fit around your home and family life, and avoid working shifts that are not suitable for you, such as nights. For many nurses and healthcare workers, the ability to choose your hours is one of the main reasons to choose nursing agency work.


As an agency nurse, you can attain a wider level of experience, as you can work in different environments. For many healthcare workers, they would have previously only worked in one area such as a specific hospital department. Agency nurses get to experience a range of facilities, such as care homes, prisons and also benefit from being able to work across departments within hospitals, giving them a greater breadth of experience with which they can boost their long-term career prospects.

Developing Skills as an Agency Nurse

When you work in the same setting for a long period of time, many of the skills you learnt in training can go unused for a period of time, making you less confident in those areas. As an agency nurse of healthcare assistant, you get to develop these skills as you are working in a range of environments.

Looking for Nursing Roles in the West Midlands?

As a leading healthcare agency based in the West Midlands, Secure Healthcare Solutions can help you to find your perfect healthcare role today. You can browse our selection of available nursing roles in the West Midlands

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