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Learning from patients and Service Users!

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As a registered nurse or as a student nurse when working it is not a job, it is a career. Secure Healthcare Solutions believes that you learn a lot more about person-centered and holistic care. While promoting the importance of communication and building relationships which is key for being in the healthcare field.

In most places and organizations, we understand that it can be overwhelming and a struggle when you partake in as many opportunities as possible and sign off as many clinical skills as possible. As a registered nurse learning and developing person-centered care is key in all aspects of your career because being a nurse is not just a job.

Being a registered nurse, spending time with patients is hard especially if you are in the NHS sector, you constantly feel like you are on a conveyor belt to where you don’t spend time with your patient or client, so this could affect the chances of you providing person-centered care. You’ll be able to learn from patients and service users when taking time with them to provide your duties of care and gain better skills just by speaking.

While an individual Is in your care, you are all they have whether you are a Nurse or a Healthcare Assistant, you are the person they communicate to, the person they cry to. This will be a learning factor and quality you can gain which help you in your career to provide person-centered care.

It is important that learn from a patient or service user whether you are in working as a nurse in the NHS field, nursing homes, private hospitals, private trusts, or a Community Complex sector. Understanding your patient or Service user allows them to play a major role in the process of their own care. Also, it aligns with patient- and person-centered care. To make it most effective, understanding the needs of the patient and service user requires more than just instructions and information, healthcare providers need to be able to assess patient needs and communicate clearly between themselves.

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How to manage a positive patient experience:

  • Establish a positive communication encounter
  • Develop a personal approach
  • Give meaningful feedback
  • Setting realistic goals

How can a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant build relationships with patients or service users?

Having a stable foundation of trust between the individual and the nurse can get rid of patients’ mistrust in the healthcare system, while engaging patients in their own care and improving health outcomes. Active listening as well as verbal and nonverbal communication skills will benefit the relationship between the patient and the Nurse or healthcare assistant.

If you are interested in joining the Secure Healthcare Solutions family, we have positions in:

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