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Secure Healthcare’s top tips to look after your Mental Health

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Secure Healthcare Solutions is a healthcare provider to Mental Health service users and Mental Health private hospitals, we have many cross-trained staff who have the ability to help you

Secure Healthcare understands that mental health is a topic that is not talked about much and we are here to help with some top tips to look after your Mental Health!

  • 8 in 100 people suffer from mixed anxiety and depression
  • 6 in 100 people suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • 4 in 100 people suffer from Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • 3 in 100 people suffer from depression
  • 2 in 100 people suffer from a phobia
  • 1 in 100 people suffer from Obsessive- Compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • 1 in 6 Children aged 5-16 is likely to have a mental health problem
  • 12.8% of young people ages 5-19 meet clinical criteria for a mental health disorder

If there are times you think that you are feeling negative due to your mental health being at a low point, have a break!

  • Have short breaks from the news
  • Turn off notifications on your phone
  • Mute your social media accounts
  • Limit your news intake

After you’ve had a break for your mental health, question yourself, “How do I feel now” If you find that the break had helped you, continue to do this in portions of your time!

Looking after your mental health is a key factor to keep a healthy body as well!

Mental Health

Secure Healthcare Solutions recommends that having a healthy sleep routine, movement into your day keeping active, eating healthy foods, spending quality time with loved ones also connecting with nature helps the reduction of stress.

Implementing these into your day or even weekly routine will help the benefits of looking after your mental health.
Bottling things up also can affect your mental health. When you start feeling overwhelmed, try reaching out for support, there are many organizations that help such as Samaritans helpline which you can call on 116 123 (UK)
Secure Healthcare Solutions provides support to individuals who suffer from mental health problems such as Learning Disabilities, autism, and behavior support. We offer support in the community for adults and for children. We range from a minimum of 6 hours of support to 24-hour support.

How does Secure Healthcare Solutions support Individuals with Mental Health?

Secure Healthcare Solutions services range from a community support or activity support we provide staffing solutions with a “Buddy” service to help you rehabilitate back to the community and help support you with your mental health needs.

Our locations where we support are:

  • Mental Health Care Wolverhampton
  • Mental Health Care Birmingham
  • Mental Health Care Dudley
  • Mental Health Care Walsall
  • Mental Health Care Sandwell
  • Mental Health Care South Stafford

For more information click the link to our website or give us a call to see how we can support individuals who suffer from Mental Health:
0121 285 9449

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