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Relaxation Techniques for Healthcare Workers

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The pressure has increased on our front-line healthcare workers, especially as a result of COVID-19. Many relaxation techniques have long been prescribed as an effective way to find and release feelings of being tense, having anxiety, and fear.

Below are some facts that are outlined which are a range of rapid relaxation techniques that can be put into practice in the workplace or when you are at home. This may vary for different individuals.

Whole Body Tension:

Tensing everything in your body and holding that tension is a good way to relieve a lot of pressure in your body. Holding your tension for as long as you can and then slowly release the tension gradually and feel it leave your body. Repeating this 3 times can help with the ease of the stress in your body and will make you feel much lighter and freer.

Imagining air as a cloud

Opening your imagination and focusing on your breathing. When your breathing becomes regular, you’ll automatically become calm, imagine that the air you are breathing is coming to you directly from a cloud and in the form as a cloud, this will fill you and then empty you as you release, in some cases, you can imagine the cloud to be a specific color to help ease the tension and keep you relaxed.

Picking a Spot:

When your head is level and your body is relaxed, pick a spot your eyes can focus on (something in your sight) when you are ready count five breaths backward, when taking each breath close your eyes gradually. Concentrate on each breath, when you get to one, your eyes should be fully closed focusing on the feelings of being relaced and tension free.

Counting 10 breaths backwords

Allow yourself to feel passive, allow yourself to feel indifferent, counting each breath in a slow manor from 10 all the way down to 1. With each count, allow yourself to feel heavier each time and relaxed. When you are exhaling, allow all the tension to release, leaving your body nice and relaxed and tension free.

Techniques for Healthcare Workers

Using the 5-4-3-2-1 technique

Using the 5-4-3-2-1 technique is a proven technique to relieve yourself from tension. You will purposefully take in the details from your surroundings utilizing each one of your senses. Striving to notice the smaller details that your mind would usually blank out for example the distant sounds around you or the texture of an ordinary object. This technique is best used when you have more time on your hands as it’s not the quickest of techniques.

5. What are the things you can see? (5 things)
4. What are the things you can feel? (4 things)
3. What are the things you can hear? (3 things)
2. What are the things you can smell? (2 things)
1. What is the thing you can taste? (1 thing)

At Secure Healthcare Solutions we believe that a happy and relaxed workforce who are tension-free is the most adequate way to be working. Will make your work-like balance a lot easier. We take pride in our carers and nurses who work with us.

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