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Benefits of Having a Diverse Workforce of Nurses

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At Secure Healthcare Solutions, our diverse Nurses are a crucial part of the front-line team of incredible key workers who have been great during these difficult times. We appreciate the hard work that they have done and continue to do so.

In the UK, 1 in 5 people is from an ethnic minority background, equivalent to 20% of people in the NHS.

Here at Secure Healthcare Solutions, we believe in diversity and equality, we employ a wide range of Nurses from diverse backgrounds. Approximately 40% of our Nurses are from an ethnic minority background. We ensure that we provide our Nurses from all ethnic backgrounds with training and qualifications to allow them to advance their careers with us to become senior Nurses. As a company that values diversity, we ensure that we respect individual’s cultures and beliefs. Research by McKinsey & Company shows that ‘ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform companies with minimal diversity’.

A workforce that encourages learning
By having a diverse workforce of Nurses, it promotes a learning mindset, where people from various cultures have new knowledge which they can share and be open to learning to develop knowledge. This is important, as healthcare continues to develop, and having a workforce that is open to new forms of learning will ensure that you will be able to adapt better to these changes and find it less difficult to develop a new set of skills.

Strong individual motivation
When there is a lack of diversity in the workforce, individuals generally may not feel comfortable communicating with others and unable to express their true personality traits, as they are worried about fitting in, as opposed to being themselves. Feeling like you do not fit in, can lead to increased stress and make you feel depressed. Having a diverse work environment, where individuals’ culture and ethnic background is respected is important, so individuals feel comfortable and feel part of the team.

Effective communication with patients
Having a diverse workforce of Nurses is very important within the Healthcare sector. We live in a multicultural country and communicating with patients in another language may be required at times, as patients English may not be fluent, patients are likely to feel comfortable speaking their own language and it is important that communication with medical staff is effective to ensure the correct treatment and care is provided.


Greater employee retention
Having a diverse range of staff, so staff feels comfortable in a work environment will increase employee retention. If staff feel comfortable, included, valued, and have the opportunity to progress, they are less likely to seek jobs elsewhere. This will ensure a great working environment with experienced diverse Nurses.

Better recruitment
By having a diverse background within the organization, individuals are more likely to apply for roles, as they respect the values of a diverse company, the company will be able to attract better talent which allows learning and development for career progression.

The CIPD provides some great information on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, find out more by clicking here

Here at Secure Healthcare Solutions, we employ a diverse range of Nurses from various ethnic backgrounds in the West Midlands and Staffordshire. We believe in a multicultural workforce, that allows individuals to progress their careers with us.

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