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Why Companionship Care Is So Important

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A recent report by Age UK found that over 500,000 elderly people don’t see or speak to anyone else for five to six days a week. They also found there are presently 1.4 million chronically lonely older people in England. Human beings are social creatures and not made to be alone. This is why companionship is so important. Unfortunately, our society has changed drastically over the past few years and social contact is not what it once was.

This is particularly true during the pandemic where we have been in lockdown and it has been harder than ever to see our loved ones. Things such as Facetime and Skype have made it easy to feel that we are in touch with relatives. Unfortunately for those that aren’t in tune with modern-day digital technology, this can be tougher than ever.

Being lonely is not just something that is unpleasant, but can also lead to a host of chronic illnesses. This includes an increased risk of dementia, heart disease, and mental health issues such as depression. It is because of this that companionship care is so important. We are here to help with companionship care services near you to ensure that your loved one is well looked after and has someone to speak to when they need it. Here are some reasons for the importance of companionship care

It can protect them against certain cognitive illnesses
Several studies have been conducted that have shown those who are lonely tend to score worse on the cognitive functioning scale. This means that they could have an enhanced risk of developing something such as dementia. Being on their own for too long has also been shown they are at a higher risk of developing depression and anxiety. With someone to talk to, they can offload any worries or thoughts they might have before they can escalate.

There is a lower risk of heart disease
A recent study found that people who are not in regular contact with people and who suffer from extreme loneliness are 32% more likely to have a stroke and 29% more likely to develop coronary heart disease. The research found that those that are isolated and lonely are less inclined to take care of themselves. They might do less physical exercise, not eat as well and smoke more. Companionship care services can ensure your loved one eats well and regularly and has the company that they need throughout the day.

Why companionship care is so important
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It will give them a sense of purpose
If someone is lonely they will lose their sense of purpose. They are less likely to feel engaged with the world and feel worthless. Without someone to talk to regularly about both important topical matters and mindless chatter, it can have a great effect on someone’s mindset. This can lead them to feel slowly worse in themselves and unmotivated to do everyday, simple tasks. Without motivation they might not want to get up, bathe, get dressed and eat well.

Our companionship care services will ensure they not only have a reason to get up and ready for the day ahead but that they have tasks to do during the day. No matter if this is just watching television or reading a book it will help. We can also take your loved one to social events such as bingo or to a social club and check-in that they are alright.

How will companionship care help?

Our companionship carers can call in however often they are needed. Whether it is someone to pop in twice a week to check on their mental health and wellbeing, have a catch-up over a cup of tea, or help them get to a social event, they are here to help. They will be there to offload any thoughts and worries too; whether these are mental, health-related or to do with aspects in the lives of those around them. They will be there to play board games with and assist with getting up, dressed, and fed. While these might all seem like small tasks, they will make a huge difference to the loved one in question.

These all highlight the importance of companionship care and just how it can help your loved one today. If you are looking for companionship care in Wolverhampton, the West Midlands, and the surrounding areas, we are here to help. We offer
live-in care services, 24-hour care, and many other services to help. If you find yourself asking where can I find companionship care near me, then please get in touch.

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