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Day in the life of a Healthcare Assistant (HCA)

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Being a Healthcare Assistant means is a very meaningful and rewarding job. Most importantly you are a front-line worker ensuring quality care and support is provided to those who require it. Providing care and the support needed for service users either within their own homes or in a residential home. We appreciate every single Healthcare Assistant who dedicates their lives to helping others.

The 6 Cs of care:

  • Compassion
  • Commitment
  • Care
  • Competency
  • Courage
  • Communication

Amy is one of our Healthcare assistants:

“ I work as a healthcare assistant in residential care for the elderly and people who require mental support. A typical start to the day is 08:00 am just after a handover from the night staff. Normally they go room to room assisting the residents either getting out of bed or going to prep the food for them. Some sit in either chair or on the side of the bed while others stay in bed and then wait for their breakfast. After this is completed, we then proceed to help the patients get ready.”

Regular tasks that are performed by health care assistants are personal care, washing, and turning patients, (Secure Healthcare Solutions provide Basic life support and Manual Handling training for all staff which is needed). Toileting, Incontinence care, mobilizing, feeding. It can also include observation reports for any possible problems that may have occurred.

Being a Healthcare Assistant is a very rewarding job. Although the days follow a similar routine, it does vary. Healthcare Assistants play a hands-on role with the people they care for. Over time they tend to build relationships of trust and respect the individuals and their own families.

Working as a Healthcare Assistant can also be a bit stressful from time to time. Some tasks are not the most pleasant but it is necessary at the time. It can be both physically and emotionally demanding. Some of the clients you provide a service of care to require a high demand of assistance and you have to be able to deal with it inevitably, times it could be dealing with their deaths too. Healthcare assistants are involved in shift patterns and they also require 24-hour care.

Healthcare Assistant

My time working nights as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA)

“A Nightshift is a bit different from a day shift when working in care. Personally, I would say I prefer night shifts compared to the day shifts; I normally prefer working nights. During the night shifts, I normally start around 8 pm so this means I would come in a bit earlier around 20-30 minutes earlier. During this time, I would receive a handover on what was done on the day, make myself something to drink, and prepare any documentation needed.”

“ I have been working in the Care sectors for 3 years now and I can never of asked for a better and more rewarding job”

Secure Healthcare Solutions offers many positions of being a Healthcare Assistant in and around the west midlands area.

For more opportunities Secure Healthcare Solutions has to offer please click on the link below:


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