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Food Ideas For Someone On Chemotherapy

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Unfortunately, going through chemotherapy is not the nicest of experiences. The harsh reality is that Chemotherapy does bring with is a variety of side effects that can’t be avoided. When going through the treatment you may feel fatigued which has the knock-on effect of a reduced appetite. It is important that you still eat and that you look after your diet, eating healthily to keep your body as strong as possible. Try to eat slowly, eating smaller portions but more often and opt for foods that are easier on your stomach, reducing fatty or spicy food. Your cancer care assistant can also advise you on this.

In order to help you during your chemotherapy treatment, below we have put together some food ideas for someone on chemotherapy.


Eggs are a great source of protein and good fat. They are full of positive nutrients and help combat fatigue as well as fill you up. During Chemotherapy, it is especially important to look after your body. Eggs will help with maintaining muscle mass and are a good source of omega-3.

Whether you like scrambled eggs, poached eggs or hard-boiled eggs, there are many ways to include egg within your diet. Just make sure they are cooked properly to help reduce the chances of them disagreeing with your stomach.

food ideas for cancer care


For a blast of nutrients, look no further than a smoothie. Smoothies are great as you can add whatever you would like into them, switching up the flavour profile dependant on your symptoms or taste. If you experiencing any inability to chew or swallow, smoothies are soft on the throat and are great for enhancing your immunity and aiding digestion.

You can easily make your own smoothies, so make sure you buy all your favourite fruits and whizz up a smoothie that you can look forward to. Plus, if you need to get more vegetables into your diet, then a smoothie is a great way to achieve this. Your cancer care assistant can help to prepare these smoothies for you.


It is always recommended to eat fish within your diet due to the many health benefits it brings. If you are going through chemotherapy, try and aim for at least two fish dishes a week.

Fish is full of essential nutrients that will help your body. It provides you with omega-3 fatty acids and is full of protein to help your muscles. Fish also help with other areas of your body including brain health, your liver and your sleep (which is especially important when going through chemotherapy)

With a little research, you’ll find there are a whole plethora of fish recipes that you can follow which are easy to cook and digest when going through chemotherapy.

Protein-Rich Snacks

When going through chemotherapy you may feel particularly tired, low on energy at some points and a loss of appetite. It is important that you still try to eat something when you are feeling this way, which is why it’s important to have some snacks nearby when you feel like eating something small.

There are so many different snack ideas that you can consider when going through chemotherapy, below are just a few:

  • Fruit – this can be frozen, canned or dried
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Healthy soup
  • Yoghurts or ice-cream
  • Almonds and other nuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Celery with peanut butter or cream cheese

If you or your loved one is going through chemotherapy and needs some additional cancer care services, we are here to help. We have a range of cancer care nurses and assistants that can help you. Find out more here.

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