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The Benefits of Homecare

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The United Kingdom Homecare association estimates that around 249 million hours of home care is delivered to individuals in the UK each year. 71% of people that require care and support, prefer to remain in their own home, as they age. We live in an ageing population and the number of individuals preferring home care close to their loved ones and around their loved ones continues to increase, there is a growing need for healthcare workers to work within a home care setting.

Personal home care offers a variety of care and support to individuals within a home care setting, from those with learning and physical disabilities to individuals with mental health needs or mobility issues. This allows individuals that require care to remain independent and stay close to their loved ones around their family surroundings. With home care, there is flexibility and adaptions that can be made to facilitate this.

For home care, domiciliary care workers will assist with basic tasks around the house, complex carers will deal with individuals with more complex needs such as ventilation, autism etc. Nurses are also on call to deal with more complicated patient matters, whether this is administering treatment, monitoring healthcare or dealing with wounds.

Some of the major benefits of home care includes:

Health and wellbeing
Home care is beneficial for better health and well-being. Research carried out shows that people that receive care at home, have a reduced risk of hospital admissions, reduction in falls in the elderly and higher levels of happiness and satisfaction.

Independent home care
Personal home care services offer much more independence, compared to hospital or care home care and support. From meals to activities, there is much more flexibility. Within a home care setting, you are not restricted as much and you can carry out activities and aspects of normal life with your loved ones and around familiar surroundings.

Support at home to meet tailored needs
Within a home care setting, care is tailored to an individual. Within a hospital setting or care home settings, the healthcare team will be required to look after various patients. These personal touches will improve happiness, confidence and there will be a sense of independence.

home care services
home care services

Many individuals that live in their own home have pets. Pets are important to comfort and provide companionship to individuals. Within a home care setting while providing care, this is not limited and care and support is provided in the comfort of individuals own home.

Compared to residential care, home care services are much more affordable and flexible, you may only require care for a few hours or a few times a week. A full-time carer is much more expensive, compared to providing care for a few hours or a few times a week.

Family and friends
Within a home care environment, you are not restricted to spend quality time with your loved ones, including family and friends. There are no time restrictions for friends and family, which are likely to be in care homes.

If you are seeking flexible home care in the West Midlands and Staffordshire for yourself or your loved ones, find out more about how we can support and provide care for you, check out our services by clicking here. Contact us on 01902 302017 or email us on homecare@securehealthcaresolutions.co.uk to discover flexible care and support around your needs.

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