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Secure Healthcare is here to support those with mental health problems

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Mental health problems are often triggered by events, lifestyles, or genetics. It can sometimes be clear that you suffer from mental illnesses or you may not be aware that you suffer from mental health illness. It is advised to get properly assessed by a doctor to determine if you have a mental health illness. The NHS reports that approximately one in four adults and one in ten children experience mental health issues in their lifetime.

Mental health is something that a lot of us can relate to, we are here to support and tailor care for people with a range of mental illnesses. Individuals may have mild or more serious mental health issues. Problems could include, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, and much more!

Secure Healthcare Solutions are here to provide care and support within homecare services and within the care home environment for individuals experiencing mental health problems. We focus and cater care to meet the needs of the individuals requiring support. Our carers, support workers, and nurses are professionally trained to deliver quality mental health support and are provided regular training.
Our mental health plans are individually created to meet the needs of individuals being cared for, based on pre-admission and through a risk assessment, to enable us to create effective treatment plans for short-term and long-term clients.

As a healthcare agency that provides mental health support workers and nurses, we have a great deal of experience to support and care for individuals that experience mental health.

Secure Healthcare ensures to create a safe living environment, focusing on fun activities and social involvement within homes and care homes and we work with the local community.

Mental health support in your home
Individuals will continue to live in their own homes but have access to a support worker who you can talk to support you while living independently.

Supported housing for individuals with mental health needs
Generally, individuals will have their own flat within a complex where there is mental health support staff on-site to provide support when necessary. The staff may not be there 24/7.

Mental health support
mental health problems

Care homes for people with mental health needs
In a care home setting, residents normally have their own bedroom, but share social spaces. Staff is on-site at all times to deal with residents’ needs.

How we can help?

  • Meal preparation
  • Helping with washing and cleaning, it could be washing the dishes, over hoovering the home
  • Assisting with washing, dressing, and ensuring individuals are maintaining a good personal appearance.
  • Support with social activities
  • Housework and light domestic duties
  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Support with household bills and filling in the paperwork

If you are experiencing mental health, the NHS recommends various charities that deal with various mental health illnesses, who are here to support you during difficult times.

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Speak to our trained professionals today to see how we can support individuals requiring care with mental health. Email us at homecare@securesolutions.co.uk or call us on 01902 302 017 to discuss how we can support you to provide the best possible care and support.

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